Flash Not iPhone Friendly, A Brief History of Jobs and Woman Snubbed by Genius

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Flash Not iPhone Friendly, A Brief History of Jobs and Woman Snubbed by Genius


No Flash on iPhone: If you're jonesing to watching the latest Flash video on your iPhone, don't expect a Flash fix anytime soon. Steve stated that Flash support for the iPhone shouldn't be expected anytime soon. AppleInsider laid out a comprehensive explanation as to why this is.


Jobs, he's a loner, a rebel: Need a refresher course on the history of Steve Jobs? Turns out, you might not want him over for tea.


Yahoo gets cozy with AOL: Yahoo really doesn't want to be part of Microsoft. Even going so far as to change their rules for nominating directors to their board and possibly, talking to the folks over at AOL.


Tea time with Steve: Let's say Steve did decide to come over for tea. What would you ask the most powerful man in Silicon Valley?


MySpace iPhone: Myspace is reportedly working on a native iPhone app that will allow it users to wade through the hundreds of friend requests from women who just got webcams.


Women are nerds too: A woman who was planning on purchasing a new MacBook Air, was completely ignored by an Apple Store Genius. Instead, the alleged "Genius," talked only to her husband. When her frustration peaked, she left the store and was eventually followed by her husband. While the Genius should get a stern talking to, the husband not leaving the store right away, probably led to a tense ride home.




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I expect more from you...

"While the Genius should get a stern talking too..."

That's 'talking to'.



That 'lead' seems to have been given an A for effort, the word is 'led'.

Come on guys! Edit!


Roberto Baldwin

That was my mistake. I was writing the news while performing surgery on my cat. Those veterinarian correspondence courses are a Godsend by the way.


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