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FON La Fonera+

You can set up the La Fonera+ to reserve one Wi-Fi signal for yourself, and a separate one for the people in your neighborhood.


Pssst! Hey, you wanna make some easy money? Yeah, we’re talkin’ to you. Whoa, keep it down—why? OK, so you don’t need to keep it down, but pay attention. You got a broadband Internet connection? You see this li’l box? It’s called La Fonera+, and it can make you some easy cash.


See, this here box is what you call a router, but it’s not just any ol’ router. FON calls it a “social router.” No smartypants, it doesn’t make Facebook, MySpace, and Orkut load faster. (And whaddya mean, “What’s Orkut?” Orkut is huge in Brazil!) You set up this router, and you see this here antenna? It sends out a Wi-Fi signal so you can connect your Mac wirelessly to your broadband Internet connection. OK, OK, stop rollin’ your eyes, you already know what a router does. Anyway, you register at FON’s website, and then you become a Fonero.


What are you gigglin’ for? Yeah, it may sound goofy, but a Fonero gets special privileges, like free access to any other Wi-Fi hotspot that’s using a FON router. So, say you’re in Madrid, Spain, coming home from the bullfights, and you want to stop and send your buddies the pics you just took of the matador getting’ his butt gored. You’re walkin’ down the street, you see a FON sticker in someone’s window, so you fire up your MacBook, find the FON hotspot, log in using your registered username and password, and wham! You’re on the InterWebs, buddy.


Oh yeah, the money. FON has this program where you can charge non-Foneros to use your Wi-Fi connection. (The router can even be set up with two separate signals, one just for you, the other for the public.) When non-Foneros try to use your connection, they get a webpage that tells them they can pay $3 for an all-day pass, and the money goes into your PayPal account. By the way, FON gets a cut of the money—50 percent. That’s right, 50 percent. Got a problem with that?


OK, OK, you have a point, 50 percent sounds steep. But say you run your own little business, like a café. This is an easy way to give your customers Wi-Fi access, and you don’t have a lot of overhead to deal with (as with most routers, you configure La Fonera+ settings through a Web browser). Live downtown? Here in San Francisco, we know someone who makes enough each month to cover the cost of his Internet connection. No, we didn’t say you were gonna make out like a bandit, but how much are you makin’ off your Wi-Fi network now?


By the way, speaking of your connection, we have to warn you that some—er, most—ISPs aren’t down with your sharing your Internet connection. The only major U.S. ISP that’s OK with Wi-Fi sharing is Time-Warner Cable. And another thing: You’re liable for that connection. So if Freddy Freeloader uses your Wi-Fi network to download illegal copies of Céline Dion’s Taking Chances, the RIAA could take your butt to court if they catch you.


You probably wanna dish out $19.95 for La Fontenna, an antenna that expands your Wi-Fi signal. Inside, La Fonera+ range can cover a couple of rooms, which is pretty weak. And the router has only one Ethernet port.


The bottom line. As a straight-up router, you can do better. But if you want to provide Wi-Fi access to the masses (and you’re willing to risk the consequences), the La Fonera+ is an easy way to do it.





PRICE: $49.95

REQUIREMENTS: Broadband Internet, Mac with Wi-Fi

Easy to install. You could make some money. Free access to other FON member’s Wi-Fi.

Small Wi-Fi range. Only one Ethernet port. FON’s fees seem exorbitant. The liability’s on you.




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La Fonera+ hides inside a powerful router that is run by a brand new firmware developed keeping in mind the suggestions made by all Foneros. It provides two wireless networks you can connect to (one public, one private) while maintaining a high level of security to keep your connection protected at all times.

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