Font Management Made Simple(r)

Font Management Made Simple(r)


3. Organize.


Now it’s time for the human touch. FontDoctor can weed out the fonts you can’t use, but it’s up to you to ditch the fonts you just don’t use—do you really need that font you got on a floppy back in 1989? Start by checking out the list and ditching any fonts you know you got a long time ago and never use anymore. If you need to preview a font, double-click it to see a preview in Font Book—just don’t click the Install Font button at the bottom of the preview window, since you’ll install the fonts into your font manager in step 4. When you’re finished, burn that folder to disc so you always have a clean, organized collection to go back to.


4. Use a font manager.


Suitcase Fusion lets you organize your fonts into sets for activation, and it has tools to find corrupt and duplicate fonts.


A font manager lets you activate fonts in small groups, which should keep your font woes to a minimum. Apple ships the basic Font Book as part of the Mac OS. Two more robust font managers are Suitcase Fusion from Extensis ($99.95, and FontExplorer X from Linotype (free, When choosing one, consider the interface’s ease of use and whether it will give you a clear view of what’s going on with your fonts.


5. Devise activation strategies.


You might have fonts you use in virtually every application, or you might have fonts you use for specific types of projects or for particular clients. In each case, you can create a set within your font manager, and then activate or deactivate all the fonts in a set with a single mouse-click. Now you can keep your system lean and mean by only activating what you need, when you need it.


6. Keep things clean.


If you’re getting error messages about your fonts, try nuking the font caches with FontNuke.


Aside from FontDoctor and a font manager, you might want to keep FontNuke handy (free, Initially a series of AppleScripts, this utility purges font cache files from your system, which can get corrupt and cause erroneous font-related error messages. Run FontNuke and restart your Mac, and you may just resolve a font issue without a lot of hassle.





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If you already have Onyx installed (and there's no reason not to, it's free and very useful -, you can use that to clean out font caches.

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