Free Wi-Fi for iPhone Owners, Adobe's Open Screen and Sneaky Safari Gains Windows Market Share

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Free Wi-Fi for iPhone Owners, Adobe's Open Screen and Sneaky Safari Gains Windows Market Share


AT&T unleashes free Wi-Fi for iPhones: If you've stumbled into your local Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles or any other AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot with your iPhone you may have been greeted with gratis Wi-Fi to go with your venti latte or copy of "The Wind in the Willows." No official announcement has been made by AT&T as of yet, so if your local AT&T WI-Fi is lacking the free internets, be patient, it's coming.


Steve on Time 100: If Time magazine has a list you can be sure Apple and/or Steve Jobs will show up on it. Today Steve shows up on their Time 100 list, he's #82.


Adobe announces Open Screen: Adobe and major technology players are teaming up for the Open Screen project. The coalition hopes to bring a richer internet experience to multiple screens utilizing Adobe Flash and Adobe Air. Adobe will remove restrictions on SWF and FLV/F4V use and publish device porting APIs for Flash. Notably absent from the league internet super heroes, Google and Apple.


Safari market grows on Windows: In March, Apple "updated" Windows machines with Safari. The episode may have angered many Windows users and a few long-time Apple fans, but it also garnered Safari a bump in the Windows browser market. Is all really far in love and browser war?


Design rental: Need to use CS3, but not too keen on purchasing the suite for a few projects. Adobe may begin renting the design suite. Adobe is testing the idea in Australia, giving customers the chance to use their latest offerings with out shelling out for the retail version.


The iPhone drags companies into the future: Since the SDK announcement, companies are jumping on the iPhone bandwagon in a big way. Cisco is working on a way to "flick" your documents from your iPhone to your computer.




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