FS1 High Definition Earphones

FS1 High Definition Earphones

Quality earphones are pricey, but they sound oh so good.


It's easy to get a snug fit with XtremeMac's FS1 High Definition Earphones, as they come with three different earpieces: cone-shaped silicone sleeves, foam sleeves that feel a lot like foam earplugs, and flanged tips. That tight fit helps block outside noise so you can better enjoy the FS1's great sound quality.


XtremeMac uses drivers from Future Sonics (www.futuresonics.com) to produce the FS1's excellent overall sound. Bass is deep and rich, but not overwhelming, while midtones and highs sound just right.


The FS1 phones are available in two color combinations: white and gray or black and gray. The only drawback we found was the cord. For some of us taller folk, the cord was too short to span the area between the ears and a belt-clipped iPod.


The bottom line. With its hefty price tag, the FS1 earbuds will appeal to serious sound aficionados - but we think they're worth the price.


COMPANY: XtremeMac
CONTACT: 866-392-9800 or 954-385-9877, www.xtrememac.com
PRICE: $149.95
REQUIREMENTS: Headphone jack
Three different earpieces. Excellent audio quality.
Expensive. Short cord.





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