Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M

Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M

Makes scans lickety-split.


The ScanSnap S510M is the latest in a line of blazingly fast sheet scanners that specialize in printed paper. A stack of text pages from a report, pamphlets, flyers, forms, and more—if it’s printed, chances are the S510M can scan it.


The S510M looks a lot like its predecessor, the ScanSnap S500M (4 out of 5 stars, 05/07, p64), and it’s just as easy to install. All you need is the scanner driver to get going with the S510M, but it also comes with a full version of Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (a $450 app) and a ScanSnap version of Abbyy FineReader 3.0, which performs optical character recognition (OCR). The scanner plugs into your Mac via USB, and when you want to scan, you just launch the driver, load your documents, and hit the S510M’s Scan button.


At its default Normal mode (150 dpi for color, 300 dpi for black and white; documents with color graphics and black text are scanned at the color setting), the S510M scanned at a rate of 17 pages per minute, and that’s with a double-sided document. That’s not far from Fujitsu’s 18ppm rating. A scan of a ten-page, double-sided color document with pictures and text took a quick 4 minutes at the S510M’s highest resolution (600 dpi).


The S510M saves files as PDFs or JPEGs, and had no problem handling varying paper sizes stacked into the feeder; the scanner has a setting for automatic paper size detection. We also tried scanning a stack of 4-by-6 color photos at the highest resolution, with imperfect results—we saw image noise and some banding in gradients. But while the photo quality isn’t as good as a flatbed photo scanner, for most documents it’s quite acceptable.


The bottom line. Attack that mountain of documents with the S510M. It’ll put you one step closer to the paperless office


COMPANY: Fujitsu


PRICE: $495

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.2.8 or later, USB

Fast fast, fast. Good image quality for text and business graphics. Easy to use. Can scan varying paper sizes in a batch.

Mediocre photo reproduction quality. Pricey.





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Donald Nordeng

Great to see the newest ScanSnap reviewed in MacLife. The real beauty of the scanner is how it links with Yep. ( My criticism of Fujitsu is that on the Windows side the software is much more robust than on the Mac side. Using Yep comes close to Fujitsu's Windows offering but doesn't include the business card scanning and OCR you get with the Windows software. It would be great if it ran under CrossOver, sadly it doesn't.

The review itself does readers a disservice by bringing up photo scanning at all. It is clearly a document scanner and was not designed for photo scanning. I think it deserves its 4 stars but the -1 should be the lack of software not the photo scanning quality.


Tom R.

I see the review mentions FineReader 3. Is this OCR software that runs on OS X? I checked the Abbyy website and couldn't find any info on current Mac products.

What about other OCR options for Mac? I know there is ReadIris 11 for Mac, but it got awful reviews on I also know there's OmniPage for Mac, but it's reviews weren't much better, plus it's a $500.00 ± package. Any suggestions?

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