Fun With Fake iPhone Mock-Ups

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Fun With Fake iPhone Mock-Ups

With less then 24-hours to go before Steve takes the stage at Moscone, we decided to have a look at the myriad of "3G iPhones" hitting the web.



Our first iPhone comes to us from web-mobile. The is unboxing comes complete with a teaser image. Notice the iPhone packaging peeking around the NDA letter. Teasing us with it's unknown green icon and grey case.




Next in this series is the actual product, complete with impossible reflection, unpackaged digital media and sexy brown box.




Our next iPhone is from CrunchGear, the same folks who brought us the iPod nano images from this past fall. This series of images have the grainy image quality that could only mean they're legit.




Introducing the (RED) iPhone sans sleep/power button. Because philanthropy work never sleeps!


Of course we have our own spies out there. These folks live in the utmost secrecy, and while they fear the retribution of Apple and Steve, they still fight the good fight and deliver the goods.




It seems Apple is going old-skool with iPhone 2.0. Without the distraction of the internet, videos and music, this is the perfect business communication device.




We have no reason to doubt the next submitters story. Who would lie about meeting Steve? "I met with Steve Jobs yesterday and he drew me a pic of what the new iPhone is going to look like. The thing on the top is not an antenna, just a mess up." Just a mess up, words to live by.


Keep it tuned to Mac|Life as we cover all the latest iPhone WWDC news. Some of it might even be real!




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haha, i live by those words!!! just a mess up, how many times has that pull my hiney from the frying pan......whew........o by the way, i didnt mispell hiney, that was just a mess up.

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