10 Best New Features in Final Cut Pro X



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In order to use the Pictures Browser in FCPX, I want to migrate my vast collection of stills now in FCPX Event Browser, each with keywords, to iPhoto.

Does anyone know how to do this? I have over 3000 stills in the Event Browswer, each with various keywords associated to them.

FCPX doesn't seem to like all those still images in its Event Browser, as it slows the app down egregiously.

So my thought was to put them in iPhoto and then, like music or SFX, in the Music Browser, I'd have searchable access to them.

Anyone? Or is there a special forum on MacLife I should go to for this?




Goofy McDork

Wow, thanks for doing away with my job guys. Really appreciate it. Its bad enough that any techy blow hard that can afford $300 bucks is going to start running around calling themselves an "Editor" but now what little structure there is for training new editors (by starting as asst. editors and learning from REAL editors) your bragging about doing away with. Why not just call this iMovie+, its obviously not for true professionals, more for the ones who want to pretend they are.



I don't believe this is the real Final Cut Pro.

I'm still waiting for a witty Steve Jobs press release saying something to the effect of "Gotcha! We're still working on FCPX. Meet the new iMovie!".

No multicam? No backwards compatibility? Weaning the filters down to (essentially) what is in iMovie?

If this is the true Final Cut Pro, then I have lost faith in Apple; they've abandoned the professional to appeal to the prosumer.



I think I'll wait on Final Cut Pro X, not because of the $300, but because of the reviews on the App Store.

Have you checked them out? There are only a handful of positive reviews. Sounds like this is more like iMovie on steroids, not a professional app. NOT backwards compatible? No multicam? Can only import iMovie projects? HUH? Initially some of the new features looked promising, but at the expense of indispensable ones? Think I'll wait a bit until the dust dies down. In the mean time, FPC 7 is working just great for me. IMHO. {:)



Just so everyone is clear, it's pronounced Final Cut Pro Ten not Ecks. Just like OS X is not pronounced Oh Ess Eks, it's pronounced Oh Ess Ten.

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