10 Discontinued Apple Products We Miss



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This may be the proper forum. Once upon a time there were things called CD-ROMs. Is there any way to make them play on current OSX+ machines? It seems like Hypercard was a necessity back then, Any hacks or do I just have some collector's items?



I'm on the last hurrah of the black MacBook. I loved the black one and when the Penryn model came out there were rumours of it being discontinued.. so I bought it and have loved it since. It's really been a workhorse and handles my CS4 work just fine. Plus, with 4GB of ram, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo it's still pretty current. All in all, that's pretty good for a Mac that I bought nearly three and a half years ago.



Anyone remember the CD all-black player made by Apple? I had one and sold for top money. Was working well too.



I maxed out my old cube with some really cool gear from OWC. I just gave it to my Aunt for Christmas last year and she totally loves it. I did to, but it needed a new home.



Typing this on my 2006 black MacBook :) Best laptop I've ever owned.



I still have my special edition graphite clamshell. infact, its sitting to the left of me!



I miss Final Cut Express and Studio. The new X version is mostly crap.



The Cube
On the contrary, public reception was enthusiastic, until they saw the price. If it had been reasonable, and upgradable the form would have lasted. As it was it was just too expencive for what you got, witness how well the Mini sells.
Whattaya mean .3 Mxl Laughable. Why I tell you my iPod Touch has a .3Mpxl camera and it's...well OK it is laughable.
Black Macbook
I have always preferred Black for laptops over silver.
Rock Solid. I know of one that was still in use as of 2007. Slow as dirt and it was getting hard to find toner but built like a battleship.



I still have my Cube and my iSight camera. Fired up the Cube a few months back and it was ready for action. It's still as cool as the day I originally got it. You forgot to mention how QUIET it was, no internal fan was revolutionary!

Ah nostalgia! {:)



Always wanted a Newton. I thought they were cool, and could see a number of uses for them. Sadly, in some ways they were ahead of their time.



Clamshell iBook was nigh indestructible. We threw one out of a third story window for testing and it still woke from sleep just fine. I've also seen one that slid off a car dash and out the window on a turn and suffered only cosmetic damage. Amazing device.

I still have a couple of iSight cameras. I plan on using one with the new Mac mini (via FW800) hooked up to my plasma TV at the end of summer. It beats the version on laptops because it's auto-focusing.

The QuickTake was great for getting photos into HyperCard. 'Nuff said? ;o)

Black MacBook is still in daily use at home (wife's Mac).

My LaserWriter IINT is on the blink—anybody know where I can buy a fuser for it so I can keep using it? An Ethernet-to-LocalTalk bridge kept it relevant until it died.

I still have a couple of MessagePads, too. One is the OMP, the other a 120.

But all that stuff doesn't make me a Geek Geezer, right? RIGHT?!

-- @TheBreen



You know, for my two cents, the cube is still the best looking desktop Apple's ever made. I really miss this aesthetic.



Clamshell iBook is still the greatest laptop ever made.


Unix-based or n...

Even most of these products weren't alive during my generation, I would enjoy seeing these products. (I would love a new, black Macbook, even in Aluminum) :)

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