10 Essential Tools for Cleaning Your Mac



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Scion of Tytehran

Agree, never spray any aerosolized liquids at your electronics. Bad, bad idea. Always spray the cloth and then wipe the surface. For fans of spray air fresheners, never spray them nearby your electronics. Ideally you should stay several feet away as they are bad for your gadgets and aren't particularly good for the lungs either by the way.

Don't go crazy with the compressed air. A long, prolonged blast isn't necessary and has the potential to dislodge something you'd rather not have dislodged. Keep it down to short bursts, just enough to clean the area where you're working. As mentioned above, NEVER shake the can before use and always keep it upright when using and storing it as well.

Dust is the enemy of all electronics and there are 2 major reasons for this. 1) Dust creates an insulating blanket which obviously will cause the components to overheat. 2) Dust can conduct electricity which can lead to circuits and components getting cross-connected which isn't a good idea. Do what you can to keep dust levels as low as possible.

Most people don't realize that frequent vacuuming with certain types of cleaners can exacerbate airborne dust. Any vacuum that uses a bag for instance, generally sprays a lot of dust. Personally, I have a Rainbow vac which uses water as a filter and does not blow dust. Wet dust won't fly as it were. It actually cleans dust out of the air and with regular use will prevent dust from settling but they are pricey. Go to eBay where they are much cheaper.

Anything that is made of real glass can be treated with Rain-X. Just a small amount rubbed on and buffed off will make it much easier to clean. Do read the product label and don't use on anything it says not to like plastics which covers a lot of LCDs. If it isn't glass, don't use it. As a bonus tip, use it on bathroom mirrors and shower doors which will make them much, much easier to clean with a whole lot less work.



do not spray the cleaning solution onto the screen itself because thats how you also destroy your mac, only one drop in an important place can=having to replace something



I use the air to get a lot out of the stuff out of the inside and the keyboard. i would use the cleaning cloth for the screen and do not EVEN think about a paper towel it will scratch the screen all up, so go with a screen cleaner, and if you want to put some air into your dvd drive of your mac pro but not much a little does it, and one more thing do not SHAKE THE AIR CAN!!!! it can freeze your disk drive motor and burn it up so that,s it so that,s how i do ios cleaning on my mac pro.



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