10 Handy Shortcuts for iOS 5 and iPhone 4S



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...I´ve added a lot of Glyphboard symbols once they´re considered normal characters !!



iOS 4 really could use better copy/paste functionality. Thinking of within Safari, especially. I don't think it's possible to copy any text that's not in the address bar or any other field.



*WARNING* regarding tip “10. Create Your Own Shortcuts”. There is NO built-in way to remove the custom shortcuts that you create, short of reseting your device. To be sure, you can edit your custom shortcuts, but if you make, for instance, 12 of them, then there will always be at least 12 shortcuts in the list. You CANNOT get rid of them without wiping your machine. The best you can do if you decide you don’t want the shortcuts, is to edit them to be useless, such as replacing a nonsense “word” with itself.

Also, and less direly, but still a nuisance for the productivity-oriented, you cannot make single-character shortcuts. That means you cannot make “h” autocorrect to “the”, for instance.



Sure you can! Just swipe to the right to bring up the Delete button, as you would to delete a text conversation, or archive an e-mail.

To date I have never felt so silly after reading a Mac|Life article; I should have found all of these on day 1. To think, I could have had my phone reciting dirty limmericks to me all this time. Thanks for the intel!



Is this just for the iPad2?

I have a first Gen iPad and when I go to Settings > General there is no toggle switch to activate Multitasking Gestures?



There is no good reason these shouldn't be available for iphone 4 too.



I don't know if you're aware but only one that was siri specific does not work on the iphone 4. It's Ios 5 shortcuts, not iphone 4s shortcuts.
They all worked just fine on the iphone 4 with ios 5. Great tips!!



Another fun thing is Custom Vibrations. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Custom Vibrations. Then go to Settings > Sounds > Vibration Patterns to Make or set your own vibrations. You can even go to Contacts and set a different vibration for individual contacts. 

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