10 iOS Synthesizers for iPad Musicians



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Being relatively new to music creation on the iPad it's still early days for me so comparison pieces like this are very helpful. I already grabbed ThumbJam and Animoog and they are brilliant. Haven't felt the need to tweak or mess with the preloaded sounds much either all very useable. Have to mention "Donut" by The Strange Agency though, not a synth I know but with a little time spent the results can be amazing, oh yes and Filtatron is well worth grabbing too.



DM1 is a drum machine, not a synthesizer, and it's my absolute favorite iOS beatbox, just brilliant.


Andreas Frantz

I wanted to see the iMS-20 as well but also the DM1.



doc69 - not forgotten, just ran out of room. And I'd debate that it was the best of the available iPad synths - it's very cool, make no mistake, but it takes some real work to program it (like the original hardware version). I also left out MorphWiz, SampleWiz, Figure, SynthTronica, DXi, CrystalSynthAT, Alchemy, GrainBender, Reactable, Echo String, Curtis, Donut, Space and a few others. :-)



You forgot the Korg iMS-20, which is probably the best of them all.

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