10 Must-have Apps for Mac Newbies



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It's 14 Hours to Australia - out of California.

What better to do than open up the MacBookPro 13" -
do needed tweaks to video files while listening to tunes -

I get the headsets on - inserted actually -
then crank up some bad azz Metallica.

The overall roar of the engine whine -
it's never noticed the plug is not inserted fully -
Sound is wide open out the speakers - 15 min later -

Flight attendant reaches over to window seat - taps me -
I'm thinking cocktail alert.

I jerk plugs out of ears - Then I hear the speakers full cranked -
He goes - you're really rocking out back here -

Says - the only problem - passengers 7 rows up were complaining -
I'm totally freaked out embarrassed.

Funny - no one next to me whined at all.
What's weird - inFlight at 36,000 feet - laptop speakers are loud as hell.
One would think the opposite. Typical 50 something terrorist...
'Breakaway' would have saved the day.



You are right, there's nothing wrong with ABBA!.. ABBA is pretty awsome, nice example. LOL.
27 yo and I do like ABBA. Nice post.



"The Mac App Store has grown tremendously over the past few years. "

Umm, it's only been open for a year...January 2011.



iChat can message any service! why download another app?



Very good list I have six of the ten.

Especially glad for the mention of VirtualBox. Usually it gets overlooked in reviews of Virtualization software. I've run XP, Win7 and Ubuntu under VB and it does everything I want it to.

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