10 Sweet Apps for Finding the Best Local Deals



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If living in or traveling to NYC, Leloca is a great app to have on hand. Leloca partners with top NYC restaurants to offer on-the-spot dining discounts, usually 30-50% off. The deals featured are for restaurants near your immediate location, they’re free to secure and are to be enjoyed immediately!



It might be good to note that some of the apps mentioned only function if one lives in a major city. I downloaded three with real interest, only to find that Groupon, in listing sales, does not include a single city in the state of New Hampshire. Zoomingo, however, does. (And Travelzoo, not in the article, also has no NH cities.)


Ambika Subramony

Hi Dave,
That's a great point that I hadn't realized! I assumed Groupon covered all of New England. We're a little spoiled in San Francisco here, though I grew up in NH myself. All of these apps should at least work in the greater Boston area, which I hope you can put to use!

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