10 Things You Should Do With Your New iOS Device



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Do NOT convert to iCloud if you share calendars with anyone or any device that does not have Lion and/or iCloud. If you're sharing calendars with someone on MobileMe, stick with MobileMe until you can both convert. I switched to iCloud on Saturday at a One to One session after being assured there was no reason NOT to. All my calendars appeared to still be there when I left the session, but later that evening, they all disappeared. I've been to multiple sessions at the Genius Bar and One to One today and no one can figure out how to get those back or how to share calendars unless a) all devices are on MobileMe or b) all devices are on iCloud. (My husband is stuck with Snow Leopard until we get our taxes done because our Quicken program can't be used with Lion.)

I'm not putting down iCloud. I'm sure I'll love it eventually. But if I had been warned that I would lose all of my shared calendars, I would've been happy to wait a few more weeks until we could both convert at the same time. We had numerous calendars for several work projects we share, as well as household appointments for children, the vet, etc. (At least HE still has them.) This giant hassle was completely avoidable. I hope I can spare at least one other person some wasted hours trying to fix the unfixable.

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