10 Tips For Shooting Better Video with Your iPhone



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One: There are plenty of makers of double ended clamps that you could use to either clamp you iPhone to a part of a tripod or monopod. But you'd have to be carrying it with you, so spontaneous shooting is out for this tip.
Two: Carrying six or more feet of kite string in your pocket or purse gives you a tool to use to steady an iPhone. Tie one end in a loop either around the iPhone, or someplace on your hand. Drop the rest of the string on the ground at your feet. Step on it so that when the iPhone is held at whatever level you want it you are exerting a slight tug against the string. This also makes a short pan much more steady. If you will be moving around or do a lot of pan work, tie the other end of the string to your belt. More portability, but a bit less steady image. Certainly better than trying to hold the phone out in front or you freehand.

Don't just read about it! Try it!



For best video with an iPhone, put the brightest source of light behind you. Avoid shooting with ANY light source in the frame.

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