10 Ways To Kick The Netflix Habit and Never Look Back



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So, basically the general point here is pay someone else MORE for less, just to "stick it" to Netflix. Yes that makes sense.



Don't forget if you are an Amazon Prime member, in addition to free 2 day shipping (Awesome!), you also get free digital rentals of a bunch of movies and tv shows on the streaming video portion of Amazon. I might have to lean on this after I cut ties with Netflix at the end of August. Unless, of course, Netflix returns from visiting their own anus and returns to a pricing structure that is reasonable.

Btw, I've had Netflix since 2005 and have been a happy member until this price rape.



Hulu is NOT an alternative to Netflix. Hulu doesn't have nearly the selection Netflix does, and Hulu STILL forces you to watch commercials, even when paying $8/month, which is the exact same that Netflix charges, only without ads. Plus, Blockbuster can't be found within many many miles of where I live. Lastly, I have the Netflix app, so I can watch wherever I happen to be. No Xbox, ATV, or anything else required. Just my iDevice.



I think you might be slightly retarded. Hulu destroys Netflix on almost every level. Netflix may have a lot, but most a lot of what you don't want. It's kind of like my pantry, a lot of choices but ultimately nothing I want to eat. Plus, with Netflix I have to wait till I am a full season behind and then even a period of time after the DVD release to keep up with a show, Hulu has it the next day. Netflix can suck it.



While I agree Hulu may not be a good alternative for movies, in my case I get far more use out of Hulu Plus than I ever have with Netflix streaming for the same money -- and the Hulu Plus iOS app is also far superior to Netflix's. But, it ultimately depends on what you watch, of course...





There isn't a Blockbuster for several miles and the local video store is now a dark, nameless (literally) bar.

Apple really needs to up the ante with AppleTV. Streaming works better with ATV than my Blueray player but the Blueray player can stream from literally two dozen sources.



Our local library gets new releases right away and has a great collection of DVD movies and TV shows! Plus, it's free or for a nominal cost. You've already paid for it--get a library card and check it out.

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