10 Ways to Use Your iPad 2 with the Apple TV



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i haven't been able to get Hulu to stream on AppleTV since i was in the store and purchased one. I tried with my iPhone, bought it anyways for the netflix, and haven't been able to mirror with hulu.

the clerk in the apple store didn't even know about the airplay mirror option in ios5 was accessible from double clicking the home button at the time.

when i go to the airplay mirror option, it isn't present on the hulu apps.



You can double click the the home button to get to the multitasking bar. Once there scroll to volume section and you will see an airplay option. When you select it choose apple tv and turn on the airplay mirroring.

Now you can stream your Hulu on the big screen. there's no way to full screen and sometimes it gets jittery, but it's the only way to do it with out jailbreakinging.

I jailbroke my ATV, put XBMC on it and added Hulu to that. It works great, you can set it to not have commercials,full screen it, and you can log in to your Hulu Plus account to get your queue!

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