14 Best Inventions of Steve Jobs



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Another achievement of the iPod: it was compatible with the Windows OS and enticed a significant number of Windows users to take a step into Apple territory. This led, with help from the new Apple retail stores, to a sharp rise in Mac computer sales to first-time Mac buyers (presumably Windows users).

And about the Apple retail stores...I don't know whether they carry any patents, but they deserve to be considered an invention. They were designed and engineered by Apple from the ground up, based on in-depth research into the customer experience. From the opening of the first store at Tysons Corners, they turned heads and drew customers.

The Genius Bar was born from a study that revealed consumers' favorite retail establishments to be hotels because of the concierge. This service might have been viewed an unnecessary expense by a smaller-minded company. Apple considered it an investment, and the Apple Stores generate more sales per square foot than any other retail stores in the world.



I have been with Apple since the Apple II, that was 1977. He is my hero. His patents has class and function. And now I am using the iPad 2 and almost 60 years of age.



No doubt Apple Patents, not Google...great article for us long time Apple fans.



I have no direct knowledge of what part Steve Jobs played in any of these inventions. However, it is common practice for team leads, managers, professors, etc. to have their names added to the work of people they supervise, advise, etc.

I have had Macs consistently since the first 128K Mac (which was upgraded for me by someone to a 1M machine "for practice") and which I still have (with a huge 20M hard drive). So I like Macs a lot and admire what Jobs and others have done to make Apple what it is.

But with the announcement of his stepping down as CEO, I'd hate to see all sorts of claims made about him that shouldn't be while perhaps other things get less attention, like how he changed his management style and approach between his "tours" with Apple and what both approaches meant.

And now, what it will mean for Apple's future.



I had a 15" "Lamp" iMac at work and LOVED it. Slickest design ever. Upgraded to a G4 iMac (the white all in one, 17" I think) and it was fine but not nearly as nice as my little lamp.


Nick Ebb

What would the world be without Steve Jobs and Apple?

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