The 20 Best Features of the iPhone 5s



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MrJfunk Sanchez

Updated Comment after Downloading iOS7: Comparing the iPhone 5s to Samsung S3 and Android is where I went wrong! Just installed iOS7 on iPhone 4/5 & iPad and they feel like new devices. Much cleaner and smoother interface! Android may already have some of it's features but it isn't as crisp as iOS. I use a Samsung 3 for work since it's free and don't like carrying two phones. This has allowed me to compare both operating systems. And you know what? I'm ready to place my Samsung S3 SIM card into an iPhone 5S. Plus, Mavericks is coming out soon!

9/16/13: Initially the iPhone 5S wasn't too impressive nor the new gold color. And some of the features are already on Android phones, like the slow motion video, burst photo mode, control center and better battery life. I can't consider color cases and charging dock new features. The hardware is impressive but I was hoping for perhaps solar charging cells, a larger screen that's actually 16:9, silencing a ringing phone call by turning it over or reading features like "smart stay" for Samsung.



f/2.4 is smaller aperture than f/2.2. The bigger the number the smaller the opening, hence less light enters the lens.



Yes - probably the lens aperture numbers in the article were reversed, i.e., f/2.2 on iPhone 5s with a larger aperture than older iPhone 5 with smaller aperture f/2.4 lens.


Michael Simon

indeed. 5S is 2/2. Good catch.

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