20 Great Image-Editing Apps for Mac and iOS



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Hey guys, thanks for mentioning Snapheal by Macphun.
You are welcome to check our site for more great apps.
Thanks for the inspiration.


Madhurima Chowdhury

The Best Apps to Improve Your Instagram is Instafusion Image Blender(Universal)!!
check it out : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id709157905



I was really disappointed that Apple made no mention of an update of Aperture a few weeks ago. That should be a high priority in this day and age of digital photography overload.



Although I have paid for apps, my Favourite for everyday use is Preview, then Graphics Convertor, and of course iPhoto !!


Peter Versteegen

You're missing a lot, not just a few, of excellent, some of them better than the ones you mentioned, image processing/generating apps. To define whether an app is good or bad, or select it for a review, you need to define a set of criteria. Those were missing in your article. While PhotoShop is a great app, for most of your readers its beyond their pocketbook. Furthermore, PhotoShop is only truly useful for someone who uses it every day; it's too difficult to use for occasional purposes. Most of us are occasional users of such tools.

Recently I've become very impressed with Iridient Developer. It has been around for a long time. I have just purchased it. It convinced me that I should shoot RAW most of the time. It processes RAW images very well and the tools can recreate virtually any image feel you like. It is, however a tool to "develop" RAW images.

There are so many photograph/image related apps or editors, almost all do one thing very well; some do a lot of things well
How about:
3D Text.app, Acorn.app, Art Text 2.app, Aurora3DMaker.app, Back In Focus, Blurity, CameraBag 2, Choco.app, collage.app, CollageIt Free.app, Color Splash Studio.app, ColorStrokes.app, DataGraph.app, Diagrammix.app, EasyCrop, EasyFrame.app, EazyDraw.app, Exif Everywhere Standalone.app, ExifRenamer.app, Film Noir.app, Flame Painter.app, Focus.app, Funtastic Photos.app, FX Photo Studio PRO.app, Graphic Inspector.app, Graphviz.app, iDraw Pro.app, Image Tricks.app, Inkscape.app, Inpaint.app, InstantGallery.app, iResize.app, Iridient Developer.app, Kinemac.app, LiveQuartz.app, LiveQuartz.app, luminance-hdr.app, Paint.app, Paintbrush.app, PaintCode Trial.app, PaintSupreme.app, Photiosity.app, Photo Batch.app, Photo Calculator.app, Photo Sense.app, photo.app, PhotoAcute3.app, PhotoGPSEditor.app, PhotoInfoEditor.app, PhotoLine.app, PhotoLinker.app, PhotoMagic.app, PhotoMarks.app, PhotoRescue.app, PhotoStitcher.app, PhotoStudio.app, PhotoZoom Pro 5.app, Pixel Mate, Pixelgarde.app, Pixen.app, Posterino.app, Psykopaint.app, Psykopaint.app, Sketch.app, Skitch.app, Slideshow.app, Snapheal.app, Snapheal.app, Snapseed.app, Sparkbox.app, TypeStyler.app

I'm sure there are more, but these I've tried.

I'm pretty sure that your magazine would do a great service to your readers by reviewing all of these applications and classifting them what they do well for a set of criteria (an extensive set). Also update these reviews periodically. Each month you go after a specific set of evaluation criteria. Involve your readers in defining the evaluation criteria, and the whole review and evaluation process for that matter.



Its great to see that you have given lots of information in your reply here and I get to know about this app more from you than the above post. Thanks Peter.



Peter you should start a blog about these apps! :-)

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