20 Outrageously Useful Menu Bar Applets



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Here come the News app for Mac Menu Bar.
It is developed by maker of Ethernet Status.

App is called News Headlines - Menu Bar App for Google News.

I am use it and also loving it. It is part of making your day productive with very less time spend on reading NEWS.



Its been 2 years I bought Mac, but was searching for best menu Utilities. Here is the list I found which complete my search for Mac menu bar utilities.

But I think there you should have list one more menu bar app which I am using it from long time and its really promising is called Ethernet status which shows network status, IP address, speed of the Ethernet Adaptors and much more.
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/ethernet-status-lan-network/id834979136?mt=12

Thank you once again.



I highly recommend SystemPal https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/systempal/id453164367?mt=12



The brief paragraph on Google Notifier needs additional information and instructions for downloading, installing, and settings in the Notification Center in order to get this applet to work. Clicking on the link provided in the paragraph opens the Google Notifier download page and TOS, but after clicking on that, nothing happens.

A quick search on Google using the phrase 'google notifier mac mountain lion' indicates the widespread difficulties getting this applet to work.



I don't know if I'd call Boom useful. However, one you did not mention is PandaBar.



very nice list. thanks.

btw, went to monocle and it only lists up to snow leopard. doesn't mention lion/mountain lion.

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