21 Essential Tools For Taking Apart All Your Macs



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Irma Geniuos

What is this custom screwdriver for removing the back of a unibody Macbook Pro? My 2011 model uses standard Philips screws.



>> ... opening up your Mac does void the warranty ...

Not necessarily. When I wanted to upgrade the hard drive in my 17" MacBook Pro, I made two separate calls to AppleCare to confirm that I was NOT voiding my warranty. Same with my mini a few months later.

Clint Bradford



"Apple Flat Nylon Probe Tool"
Is that what iFixIt calls a Spudger?



Thank you for the comprehensive list of tools that are useful or essential to disassemble various Mac computers and other Apple products. It would be even more helpful if your list were in a single-page article format, so that the list could be copied and printed easily. As it currently stands, with a slide show depicting only one tool at a time, a person would need to repeatedly copy and paste over and over just to get all the information in one document.

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