The 25 Best iPhone Puzzle Games



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if you like puzzle games, Dinofour is sure to tickle your pickle



Touch the table to spin, enemy will drop down. Your duty is finding the way to make the Snowflake in top-left hit the Snowflake in bottom-right.
The game has many level from easy to hard. Be carefully with numbered jumping enemies. When number is zero, the enemy will be freeze or disappear.



One of the best games I've found is called Tall Tails, where you guide this puppy around a map completely free for 125 levels. Man, they get challenging quickly. The cool part is that part of all purchases go towards saving actual dogs from animal shelters. Overall a solid game doing good in the real world.


Evgeny Dmitriev

Nice free logic game is "Laser Box - Puzzle"



Sum Fun is a great number-puzzle game. Games are short, but mind-bending and fun. You complete different shapes in as few moves as you can be from a few minutes to ten minutes.


Kurius Games

I think you missed the best one... Tractor Crew! Check it out...


Junaid Ahmed

Lovely games here! I love puzzle games. Recently I have found a new game named as Feed your bird on App store. It found to be a lovely game, even not just a game it helps in enhancing physics and skills.



A great list of games for iPhone.

Add this best free puzzle game in your list to make it perfect.

Trash Flow Dumpster Spill Link Mania.

Free Download :-

Great features and helpful in increasing skills. you will love to play this game.


Mathias Poths

I just released my own puzzle game "the corner case" a week ago. It's appearance is simple, but solving the different levels in the minimum amount of moves is quite a challenge, so if you are looking for puzzle games, you might like it. Give it a try, there is more than 80 levels in the free version.


Michaƫl Hadash

I love playing Puzzle games. I just found an amazing new puzzle game called "Elements Puzzle Free" in the app store.

You have to match blocks together to advance to the next level, but it is very difficult because there is stuff like ice bricks and thunder and gates etc. It is especially difficult to get 3 stars in each level.

It is also completely free, so definitely worth trying for any puzzle game lover!



Just like the last comment, I love playing games on my iPod and have many downloaded. I just played a new puzzle called Gazoodle Colours. The graphics are really nice and colorful and the action is smooth and intuitive.

The game play is similar to those old "15" sliding squares puzzles but plays totally different. More like a cube puzzle and slide puzzle combined. It is easy to play and quite challenging. I think I am becoming addicted. It even has a timer so that I can challenge my son to try to do better than me.

I really like this game and the timer encourages me to come back and try to do better.

I'm hooked!



I love playing games on my iPad mini. I've been a really big Sudoku2 fan for more than a year now. I have my kids playing Sdku School as well.

I just played a recently released game called Sums Academy. The maker mentioned that it is a bit like Sudoku and with 'Tetris' like mechanics in the description. I have to say I think that it's pretty good. The kids like it too. The game provides 21 free levels, before you are asked to purchase more. I ended up purchasing the "Full Semester" all-in-one package for $2.99.

Good stuff.
- Six

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