5 Apps Every Mac Owner Should Use



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"5 Apps Every Mac Owner Should Use"
Why "should" every Mac owner have these apps. Just a random assortment of non-essential apps slapped into another lame article with little thought. I use VLC, the rest of them I have no use for. Meh.



Pocket is a good idea if you're going to be out of WiFi range for a while. Mint Quickview is useful for seeing all purchases made with your debit or credit card, either for reconciling your checkbook or watching out for fraudulent charges. Pixelmator is a good idea for anyone who wants or needs to edit photos without spending $500 on Photoshop.



Hi, I love my mac.. enjoy yours..



Launch pad cleaner, imo, is silly. Simply make folders out of all the stuff you don"t use leaving all the stuff you do use visible. You can Move apps from Page to Page, so put 35 of your most used apps there, the rest on another page.

1 Password. I see this app recommended more and more every day. Can anyone put my fears of this App to rest? I get the idea: I make one Strong password that I can remember; 1 Password creates and manages all of my other passwords for various sites, bank accounts, credit cards etc etc etc.
My fear is, Doesn't having 1 Password that gives access to your entire life even more dangerous?
I can not get past this idea. Not sure if Macs have to worry about Keystroke loggers but somehow, even though I own this App, I can't convince myself to use it...

And last comment: I enjoy many things on this site. I would love to see more IN DEPTH writing, something like you might see in a review on an and tech dot com (pc site, but idea remains the same)
For instance, I installed an app once that literally opened every port available on my mac. Is that safe?
Should that worry us Mac users?

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