5 Ways Your New iPad Will Replace Your Computer



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Who ever said that LTE was one of the reasons?



These are all legit reasons but..the average consumer isn't going to Opt for the LTE Versions of iPads when there is Wi-Fi spot all over the globe. The fact that LTE Speeds are nice & that you can get a TON of data downloaded an Store is good, BUT...data prices are steep and most people don't need 5GB of data & not to mention the fact the Wi-Fi versions are cheaper then the LTE counter parts makes it even more appealing to. Not unless you wish to use your iPhone as a Hotspot which in turns nulls your unlimited data plan if you still have it. iPads are nice i have to agree since i Own both the current one and the 2 but in NO way will it EVER replace my iMac, because there's just SOMETHINGS that look better on a 21 screen versus an 9 inch. NOW...an iPad is a PERFECT solution to replacing a laptop because they are thinner, light weight @ just over all easier on the hand to carry..lmao. Sure there's the flash point that people make about apple NOT being able to play..but..there's Apps for that to look @ flash content on & iPad. Again all legit reasons but..impractical because most people will opt for the wi-fi version over the LTE and those WITH the LTE Version will get the cheapest data amount possible w/o using it all up.



My Mighty Mini, a G4 Cube enclosure stuffed with late 2009 Intel Mini parts and several hard drives cannot be replaced by a device that has a mere 64GB of storage at best. Where do I put the other six TB's of info? Besides, have you ever tried typing on one of those things for an extended period of time? It gets old very quickly. I am considering buying one after they work out the current bugs in the iPad3, though. Well, that or the tablet that lets you shoot 3D movies....



If I replace my computer with an iPad, where will I store my 100GB+ photo library?

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