6 Secret Features of iTunes 10



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Please be careful with this option. If you move the original music file, then you will be in trouble. If you want to keep your music, videos, apps etc. on a larger external drive, I find that it's best to leave "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" checked, then:

1. Close iTunes.
2. Copy the main iTunes folder in your Music Folder to an external drive, then delete it from your Music folder on your internal drive.
3. Open iTunes, then it will prompt you to locate your iTunes Library
4. Browse to the iTunes Library that you copied over to the external drive, and then it will remember it's location.


1. Your external hard drive needs to be connected when you launch iTunes.
2. You cannot eject your hard drive before first quitting iTunes.
3. BEST FEATURE EVER: You can connect your external drive to another Mac, and open iTunes and it will use the same library and save any changes to playlists, etc. You can also sync to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from any mac!



You actually do not have to Option-clich on the media bar to change the labels. All you have to do is click on it and it will change from storage size, to number of items to the amount of time.



While it's nice to point these things out, maybe the article should have been called 6 overlooked features of iTunes 10. These are hardly a secret to anyone who has taken the time to look through the preferences. Still, otherwise a nice read.

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