6 Secrets of the Mac OS X Mail App



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defaults write com.apple.mail AddressesIncludeNameOnPasteboard -bool NO
Doesn't work for me. Did with Mail closed. Twice.
Still copies name from email.
joe smoe <joe.smoe23@aok.com>

I just noticed the article is from 2011.. pre-Yosemite.



I was using this method for a while but you can't change your sending name.

I'm now using the app at mailiases.com which lets me change my sending name for each alias.

Hope this helps.



There are several apps that need updating with features that are in the products, but require either a utility of some Terminal knowledge to access them. For example, Data Detectors in Safari. Or the Minimum Font size in Mail – as listed in this article.



Great tips shared! Except I have never figured out why Apple Mail can't have the BOLD, ITALIC, FONT SIZE, etc. settings in the same window when creating a new email instead of a separate window that stays open after you send the email. Other email clients have incorporated this feature for years. Any tips on this?

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