80 OS X Lion Features You May Have Overlooked



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Odd-Arne Dahle

I have tested this function. The letter "i" does not work. It should show " ï " and " î " This is probably a fail.



OK Mac Experts! Please help out here! I am VERY experienced Windows user... at some point even worked as an IT for a large corp. About a year ago I switched to iMAC 27" Intel i7. What a beautiful system! Great Operating System, never going back to Wins :-)
Anyway, I just upgraded my OS to OS X Lion (10.7.3) and am having one problem I cannot solve!

I subscribe to a website with international "on-demand" type movies and sport shows. I believe they use wmv files to stream. When I first started to use my MAC I had to install Flip4Mac for their website to work. The way it would work is I would log in and select whichever on-demend movies/show I would like to watch. Instead of opening in their embedded window (on Windows OS) it would open up in a seperate window using Quicktime (and I guess Flip4Mac plugin). It worked great.

After installing OS X Lion (from Snow Leopard) I am having problems with watching my shows. Here is what is happening:
1) after clicking on a specific show to watch, Quicktime X window opens up, it loads and loads, and loads the file... for about as long as it takes to play it. When it is done loading, I have an option to click on PLAY, it looks like it plays, but there is no sound and no picture.
2) my current setup is: Quicktime X; Flip4Mac, Safari 5.1.1
3) Flip4Mac is set to "play movies automatically"

Here is what I tried so far. Flip4Mac website is talking about problems with Safari 5.1 and Quicktime X. They recommend to install Quicktime 7. I did that.
I also followed their recommandation on making Quicktime 7 my default player instead of Quicktime X. I did that. The problem is that when I select a movie/show to watch, the Quicktime that Safari initiates is still Quicktime X and not 7.

It's important to mention here that I can play any WMV file using either Quicktime 7 or X and they both play fine.

Can anyone please please help?
I'm not sure if my problem is that Safari does not use Quicktime 7 or it's a whole different problem.

PLEASE HELP or please recommend a site where I can repost my question.


Mac Cat

You have to understand that a company's motive is to sell new boxes, so upgrades aren't something they spend too much time on. It's pretty clear Apple Marketing did exactly that - the upgrade works smoothly on a freshly installed Snow Leopard (10.6.x). But, if you don't have the sense to turn of Time Machine, you'll be crawling for hours, if not days, because there are so many files to backup (even if you do exclude the libraries and bin directories). Trust me.

Upgrades are not what Marketing people want - they want you to buy a new machine. They are happy when your computer becomes obsolete and new hardware won't fit it (like the new Cinema displays that only have a mini DVI or Thunderbolt connector).

So, my advice is NOT to do this particular upgrade. When you are ready for LION, get it on a NEW MAC.

Sorry, the upgrade just has too many snags, loopholes, and it can ruin another wise stable machine, like mine. Remember, there are a lot of people who did this upgrade and got stuck - can't boot-up, can't go back.

So, thanks for the Tips on how to make a USB drive for recovery!



I worked for Apple and the philosophy that was drilled into us has always been to make devices (boxes) that were easy and useful to use and yes sell them, but the key ingredient in every box has always been the SOFTWARE! Without the software you just have another tablet or a cheap PC and not an iPad, iPhone, iPod or a Macintosh. If you actually look at Apple's budget breakdown, you'll see they spend more in software development than they do on developing the 'box.' This is because the boxes are built to use the software, without Leopard or Lion the boxes would just be PC's or Windows Tablets.

I have personally upgraded 9 of my friends iMacs from Snow Leopard to Lion and not one person has had any of the problems you experienced. Granted, being a certified computer technician, a software programmer, having a 100 Mbps fiber connection and having done thousands of installations in my life, does help.

In your post it should be 'turn off and not turn of' plus it should be 'other wise and not another wise'



Why do people have to be so smug in their own superiority, and then get things wrong to boot? Don't denigrate the other user's experience. So what you have a 100mb connection, and do 1,000's of of installations. So have I. Have you seen all and done all? Heck no. Even a user with zero experience can offer useful advice that we "experts" might overlook in our omnipotence.

By the way Einstein other wise is really otherwise.



#65 It doesn't work. Does need it power adapter to be attached in order to use MB in 'clamshell mode'? By the way, this is ajob well done.



I love your feature article ! Well done, I tried all your tricks....
Thank you !

Unlike other people underneath... I think Lion is a great major improvement.


Detroit SquirreL

I tried using tip # 68 and I still get the stalled curser



the only thing is preview never saves the Sig to the PDF after a save. guess i will stick to not using it.



If you've got a working WindowsXP install in bootcamp DON'T EVER TOUGH IT. Lion will prevent you from re-installing it. They "don't support XP anymore." Really, don't even try.



Did Mail drop the Bounce feature?

Did iCal drop ToDo's



Not usually a big naysayer on a new OS X. But Lion just has not done it for me. Most of this stuff I could care less about. Its really no wonder Apple decided it was only worth $29. If I had it to do over again I think I would have stayed with Snow Leopard. That would have been the first time since I considered downgrading since Leopard came out and I went back to Tiger for a while. You know I really tried to like the Natural scrolling, but after a few days of trying it. It just was not right. Lion also broke some third party software that was not that old. My VM software had to be upgraded. So for me it was more then the $29 for Lion. I have made a pact with myself not to upgrade a OS again until at least 6 months from inception into the market.



using a PC to run Mac OS X thats your problem.



I agree with a lot you said, but my guess is it will take far fewar than six months to iron out the bugs!

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