8 Apps to Consult Before Voting



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Chris Charlton

I wish one of these apps helped me research each state proposition in detail and keep a cheat-sheet of which I'd like to vote Yes or No on. I can see young and old voters bringing their iPhones & iPads to help expedite voting. Maybe 2016 will bring us interactive digital pamphlets for election season.



It's out in a bit of a rush, but there's a Passbook card from Votizen that acts as a Voter ID card. It shows everything from voter history, party affiliation, polling location, and what's on the ballot. According to one of Votizen's co-founders, you'll be able to fill out a mock ballot in the Passbook card to take into the voting booth with you. Not sure how detailed it is considering it just rolled out, but it'll be interesting to see how it expands going foward.

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