8 Apps for Finding Your Valentine



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Weng Nian

I hate paid dating apps
droidmsg is good



Ummm, I hate to be 'that guy' but Valentine's Day is a religiously affiliated holiday. It's the feast day of the Catholic St. Valentine, Patron Saint of Lovers, who was beheaded in the third century for performing marriages for soldiers who had been forbidden to marry by Emperor Claudius of Rome, as he wanted a strong army of single men willing to fight instead of married men tied to home, hearth and families. People used to pass notes and gifts for him through the bars on his windows. The notes and gifts became known as valentines. So yep, it's religious. It's comes across as very secular now but it is, indeed, a Christian holiday.

And just for the record, so is Mardi Gras. Not just about the beads. Just sayin'.

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