8 Apps for Wilderness Survival



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I really like using Star Walk and happy you mentioned it here :)



How does "Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association ($1.99, iPhone)" compare to "First Aid" from the American Red Cross (free, iPhone) and "First Aid White Cross" from the International White Cross (free, iPhone). I keep both of those on my iPhone and iPad just in case.

Similarly, I understand that both Google Maps and Apple's Maps app (both free, iPhone) can store map data for offline use. How do they compare to "MotionX GPS" ($0.99, iPhone)? This (offline map use) is a new area for me. Do any of them offer the option to use topographic maps (more useful for actual "wilderness" survival)?

The SAS Survival Guide ($5.99, iPhone) sounds good. There's also one called SAS Survival Guide Lite (free, iPhone) which is pretty basic, as well as ad-supported. There's not much to it, so I'd recommend people spend a couple of bucks and get the US Army one ($1.99) or the full SAS one.

And finally, Sky Guide ($1.99, iPhone/iPad) is pretty cool and similar to Star Walk. I have both and like each. They make use of the built-in compass—another app than (ahem!) can be useful for navigation—to show you what stars you're actually looking at.

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