8 Excellent iOS Apps for Writers



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Wow you choose the WORST app and then don't include one of the BEST app's!!!

Pages is far better then Doc's to go + what writer needs excel or power point(BTW they are underpowered)

Pages iOS does way more then word on pc or mac.

Pages update the document automatically through iCloud Office you have to find and drag that file to desktop then back afterwords.

Pages also can export to word/PDF/RTF and many other formats, for friends who don't have pages.

P.s. can also export to .EPUB format Office can NOT do that.

Also how is Kindle better then iBooks?

Easier to use
More selection
Cheaper prices
NYTimes integration
easy Payment
Fun to use
Options for everything
supported by the major publishing labels

Easy payment
Syncs to PC/Mac/iOS/Android
Order paper books (i don't care about this one but some do)
some of the major publishing labels

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