8 Mac OS X Lion Features That Didn’t Make the WWDC Keynote



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I went throughout all the features...

Is there anything compared to the Windows snap feature for the window-sizing ?

I mean something made by Apple...not that half-ass app you get that gets the job half done with a limited number of apps. Because all this cool and all...but Windows got them beaten big time when it comes to that feature! And thats coming from a Mac fan !



You should try BetterSnapTool from the App Store. I've used it essentially since it was a beta. Since, I've been using the Lion Developer Previews, I've tested it and it works flawless. Go to the app store, search "bettersnaptool", and download it. It's two bucks.



i'm not saying that is not a good program, but just another alternative I use that always works very well is "cinch", i'm not sure if it's available on the app store though.



Will the MPEG-2 Playback Component continue to be needed? Will QuickTime Player equipped for .mpg files (whether by MPEG-2 Playback Component or not) be able to render audio in AC3 format for these types of files?

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