9 Technologies We Wish Apple Would Implement



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Twin cameras for stereo photography



Implementation of a native system similar to Swype would be great. I don't know if there are patent issues preventing this, but it seems like a pretty big hole in iOS input capability.



"Wireless Sync for iOS devices"; "4G Data -- on all devices"

I am inclined to believe that the first one is coming because of iCloud.

But I do not believe that 4G for all devices will be so ubiquitous on all devices without an absolute firm commitment from AT&T's deployment of 4G network throughout the US and particularly with TMobile becoming part of the collective.

I am certain that Apple can deploy 4G on all devices. What good is that if the carrier does not have a network to support it?!
I am still on an EDGE network. What does that tell you?



Very nice, but you forgot built-in projectors for iOS devices and MacBook Pros...



I agree with you on the IOS devices.
Why do we need "built-in projectors" for MacBook Pros? You already have Mirroring.
Unless you are referring to absolute wireless communication devices?!


Ambika Subramony

Ya know, I actually thought about this one but hesitated because I thought it might be beyond the scope of those devices. But you're right, we totally should have included it! I'd love to project photos and videos from my iPhone onto any wall.



Add all of those features and keep the cost the same, right? If they pack every bell and whistle into the iPhones and iPads the battery life won't be as long and the price will be higher so every Android fanboy can tell us how Apple products are overpriced. Apple has had to pick it's battles and I'd say they've done well so far. There can always be more features, but at what price and how useful will they really be is the question.

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