Apple Rumor Roundup: Ivy Bridge MacBook Pros, a Bigger iPhone 5, and DIY iOS Apps



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Ugh... Great. Now I have to listen to every 14 year old in my class and how they "made" their own "app". No Coding at ALL! I think apple should leave the app store to people that know what they are doing... Not drag and drop kiddies.


Brian Wilson

Apple put a retina display on the iPad and made it marketable at the same price point. I wouldn't put anything past them at this point.



its not the same retina display on the iPhone (its only one to make people happy till they can)

Also $500 is the wifi model not the 4G model
2 the battery on the iPad could not fit in the iPhone, so your then looking at 3-8 hours per charge (Apple would never go for that)



Sorry NO bigger iPhone:

The Retina display for a "Bigger iPhone" alone would cost about $400 per pop.
it would also need a bigger processor would be around $150 per pop .
also a bigger battery would be around $60 per pop

now add in Apple/Foxconn's cut about $500

Grand total: $1110 unsubsidized probably around $500 starting out subsidized!

Does a bigger iPhone seem good for Apple or even the consumer, when you think price?

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