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I'm surprised by the high marks given to Mint in this article. When I decided to drop Quicken on OSX due to non support in Lion, I spent a few weeks combing through forums, reading various reviews, and even buying/testing some apps out, on both OSX and iOS.. Mint came up on my radar at one point, but I quickly discovered some severe limitations in its investment capabilities and the fact that my bank was not on their "approved" list. What *I* needed in financial software, Mint did not support.. Since my needs require financial apps on both OSX and iOS, I became skeptical of Mint on my Mac.
Then there were the countless comments by users in numerous forums and other sites that seemed to present one loud voice - that Mint was awful. I tried it out briefly myself on my Mac, and like so many others, wiped it off my drive. That was enough to avoid Mint/ios The review above reads like an advertisement from the company itself! However, to be fair, if your needs are basic and your institutions are supported by Mint, than it might be adequate for both OSX and iOS.
I'm currently using iBank on both my Mac and iPad. It's not perfect by any means. Tried others before it - nothing really perfect. Maybe some day...



I use Mint in pair with Numeric Notes on Mac. With that combination I don't need any other additional tools to manage all my financial tasks. Great tools!



Checkout Debtinator in the Mac App Store!


The Loquacious ...




What is your opinion of iBank? ie. iBank vs.

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