Could Opera Mini Take the Place of Mobile Safari on iPad?



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"Opera Mini grinds to a halt when it comes to a Flash video file, while Mobile Safari cheerfully offers to play the embedded HTML5 version."

This is actually the fault of your site, not Opera. Specifically, MacLife seems to use a backend from "Brightcove" to display video, and Brightcove is only serving HTML5 video to Mobile Safari, whereas it should serve HTML5 video to any browser that doesn't have Flash (or maybe even if it does). For example, I don't have Flash on my MacBook's copy of Safari, so the MacLife videos page is full of "You need Flash" eyesores for me; if I use the "Develop" menu to pretend it's mobile Safari, then I get nice HTML5 video.



If you jailbreak you actually can change the default browser, so that links from other programs (Mail, Twitter, etc.) open in your preferred browser. I set the default browser to Atomic Web on my iPhone.



"Opera Mini seems to get confused on sites like Amazon, alternating between mobile and desktop views whenever it feels like it."

It isn't Opera that decides whether it is sent mobile content or not. It's the site.

So if anyone is confused, it's basically the site.



Agreed. Further comment above in regards to Opera supposedly not playing HTML5 video.



No bookmarks bar? No instapaper read later button?

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