Gallery: Apple Advertising, Past and Present



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I used to have a subscription to Rolling Stone when I was in college back in Aught 2 or 3 every issue had an Apple ad in the middle on a heavy glossy stock. It was the "1000 songs on your Mac, 1000 songs in your pocket" ad that made me think that an iPod would be the perfect graduation present. But my favorite ad was the ad for the new Power Mac Cube. It was a plain background with the cube front and center with a "graphite" Apple logo and the text "Hint: It's a super computer." Somewhere i still have both the iPod ad and the Cube ad in my "boxes of paper I never look at". I should probably have them framed.



I loved photo #2. I owned the original 512k and the Apple Case. The Mac is long gone, but I still have the case! Just like the pix! In its day, that early Mac was ever bit as exciting as each new release from Apple today. And built for the rest of us.

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