Gallery: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and iPad 2 Side by Side



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LOL... In the 18 pictures of the Samsung Vs. IPad 2 look at number 8. You can see the reflection of someone using a SLR camera not using the IPad 2 as stated.
Keep up the great work! I can't wait each month for MacLife to come out. I find something useful in every issue.



No, the caption says "Overhead of the Galaxy sitting on top of the iPad 2", not that the image was taken with the iPad 2.

Reading helps to increase your knowledge!



While it is all pretty and shinny it's still and Android device which mean your updates will be sporadic at best. My wife is using both the Galaxy Tab and the Vibrant of which both have never received updates to the latest software. No thanks I will stick with my iPhone and iPad.



I've had mine since October 2010 and haven't found the updates to be sporadic at all. I've received 3 updates to my Vibrant since I got it, and its been 1mo between updates. Your wife should try hooking the device up to Kies and checking for updates. I bet there is an update to 2.2.x right now. I last updated my Vibrant 2wks ago.



How do you get one? Is there an e-bay one? So want!



That is one sexy piece of hardware. Kudos to Samsung.

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