How To Get the Best Deals on Yesterday's Macs



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Quite an informative post. My iMac screen broke and I was looking for options for repair. Apple was going to charge me an outrageous amount of money to get it fixed.

It might be because this post is 4 years old, but I wasn't able to find the parts I needed on Mac Parts Online. After a good bit of searching I found that sells the LCD glass combo I needed for cheap (compared to apple). Their repair service wasn't very expensive, but I figured I would do it myself and save 100 bucks.



The first statement is true, if I was going to by a refurbished Mac from anyone, it would be form Apple first, before anyone else and wait for shipping...

The last two statements are false ...

The BEST place to purchase USED Mac's is sometimes CL or BB. I purchased my (right after the "i" series release) 2010 13" MBP core 2 duo open box return from BB for $747.00. It has full warranty , etc without having to ship it...... ...and if the item doesn't get sold right away, they drop the price down about once a week, until it gets sold...

I purchased my used Power Mac G5 PCI-X with a 1.8 GHz dual processor, 512mb or ram, 120GB HHD off CL for $200.00 without having to ship it... You can't get $400.00 dollars for an OLD G5 anymore. People are barely getting $200.00 dollars for them on eBay (plus you have to ship it)...

I purchased my a used 1.83 Mac Mini for $425.00 before the first new 2010 Mac Mini was released from CL, without having to ship it...

If you want to Stretch Your Money, and your on a Lean Budget, you learn to shop around...

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