How to Use Facebook and the Other New Features in OS X 10.8.2



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- Turn iMessage/Facetime OFF on all your iOS device (log/sign out)
- Then Turn On iMessage/Facetime on your iOS device one at a time. Select Send/Receive at both your Phone Number and Apple ID.
- Go to next iOS device do the same thing (if only one, skip)
- Turn on/Log in Messages on Mountain Lion. You should then see a pop on your iOS devices saying it will use your phone number. The log into Facetime and do same thing.



I've found that neither the FaceTime nor the iMessage syncing with the phone number is as automatic as the article states. I don't see my phone number listed in my account on either one (even though I've been set up to use my iCloud ID on both for quite a while now.


A Pretender

I'm having the same issue. My phone number isn't showing up either.

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