iOS 7: 30 Things We Want to See at WWDC 2013



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Why do people want their phone to essentially copy a lot of Android features? If you don't like iOS then switch! I've tried both extensively and have chosen iOS as my preferred phone OS.

While we're at it why do people whine so much about battery life? With moderate use I go from 5 am to 10 pm and still usually have about 31% battery power, it's only with heavy use that I ever have to try and recharge. I keep a mophie juice pak in my bag but I rarely even use it!



"we're tired of having to slide our fingers to the right very time we want to quickly check the weather or get directions"
Seriously? That is a new level of lazy. Plus, that is why it's called a LOCK screen. Don't lock your phone if you want to be lazy.

Also, no mention of a spam filter for Mail? I have been dealing with deleting spam for 3 years now. I want a filter on iOS that does it for me!

And PLEASE PLEASE no widgets on my lock screen or anywhere else. Leave that to Android's super busy interface. Android users are programmers and developers and all-around complex people. Let the complexity stay with them.



Sure, there are some useful ideas here, but did anybody think about how INSANELY COMPLICATED our iPhones would get if all these ideas were adopted ?!

I don't see a need for most of these features and hope - if they are included - that I can pick which ones I want to activate.
That would be my fave new feature!



I would like to see, The ability to rent a movie on the iPad and watch it on AppleTV then maybe go back to the iPad. I just rented a movie with AppleTV, but when I go to the iPad it doesn't show.


Let me configure the iPhone keyboard how I want. The backspace is in totally the wrong place and it's a pain in the butt where it is. Let me design my own keyboard configuration and I'll be a happy camper. Android is looking better and better.



I’ve put up with a sub-par iOS long enough. I’m sure iOS feature wish lists are all over the (mobile) web, but I’d like to share with you a list of some improvements/updates I’d like to see Apple implement (and I’m just scratching the surface):

Let us email more than 5 pics at a time
Let us email video clips longer than 54 seconds
Give us unlimited tabs in Mobile Safari
Add wishlist-functionality, reminders, etc to the App Store like AppShopper (that you pulled)
Add recommendations/related to the App Store like Discovr
Show ratings in the Mac OS App Store
Let us have more than 11 screens
Allow to turn off the “sectioning” when swiping from screen to screen
Let us create more than 2 reminders for a Calendar event
Let us create precise reminders in Calendar instead of limiting us to presets. Do it like Fantastical.
For “Location” in the Calendar , allow to autofill contact names and add their address
Let us have seconds in the Timer Clock
Let us create a timer for longer than 24 hrs
Let us turn off the “New” badge on the App icons
Allow iOS Spotlight to search the App Store, since we often use Spotlight to find apps on our phone
Make the App Store search smart with “do you mean” functionality. For instance if a user types “constitxtion”, it autocorrects to “constitution”
Folders within folders
eMail to group in Mail
Let us call and text from phone# field

Let us search our Purchased Apps
Show date and day of the week in the top bar
Save a contact’s pic to the homescreen with call, text, or FaceTime action. See “Onetap” app
Underline misspelled words while autocorrect is turned off

Basically, Apple, you need to take a bunch of 3rd-party apps and either buy them out, or straight up copy them, fools.



You can place App folders into your dock instead of a single App giving you quick access to more than the 4-6 Apps depending on your iOS device. Use this on all my devices!!


Michael Simon

Great tip.

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