The Lifer: Is the Mac Doomed?



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Recently, I started to work in TV company, and they had bought a few Mac Pro's (and are planing replace with them all Windows PC's). The Pro line be upgraded soon - don't worry. Personally, I have Mac Mini i5, and for me it is more than enough - I am using it for making FullHD movies, music with 25 tracks in 1 mix and it works faster, than I expected. I don't think about change it in near may be 7-9 years. Mac is quality product!



Commercially speaking, it's every marketer's dream to position your brand to leverage it's near cult-like status. Yes, that is what Apple has achieved. This holiday season the product line held more than one of the most coveted electronic devices in the hotly contested electronics category, besting The Android and all others. That said, is there any question or any doubt that Apple would not want to set up a perpetual "halo effect" as it started with the iPod , then the iPhone and now the iPad that feeds its pricier products and operating system? Of course it will. It was a catchy headline that drew people in to read your article, but considering how long you've been an Apple cheerleader, you know better and are certainly just being tongue-in-cheek. Cute, but not realistic.



Rick has been around forever, and in fact used to be the editor of the magazine that was the basis for this very site. You are clearly a noob to Mac-verse, and I'm glad you enjoy it, but it's called an editorial, in other words, opinions. You are welcome to agree or disagree, but check your history before anyone points out the embarrassing foot-in-mouth disease next time. ;)



First, Mac isn't anywhere near "doomed".
The Mac PRO might be, but even using your own numbers, 6.4 billion and 15 billion added together which is actual MAC sales is 21.4 BILLION and sales are up over last year 36%.
If that spells doom, I'm not sure what you would call a success.

And I HATE the way you classify an i5 as being something "sufficient to render" Facebook and twitter.
I have the 2010 27" iMac with a 2.8Ghz i5 quad core and play games using 2560 x 1440 resolution on ultra settings and get 90+ FPS. The iMac quad cores are beastly machines that out perform regular PC's without breaking a sweat.
My machine boots from cold to ready to use in less than 30 seconds. I don't know of ANY windows machine that is ready to use in less than a minute to a minute and a half without it costing MORE than the iMac and using a SSD boot drive and an extreme intel over clocked to 4.5Ghz. If you compared the iMac to any other all in one, it handily beats them in every way.

If you are going to try and write about Macs on a site that is supposed to be about/for Mac lovers/users, try shedding positive light on subjects pertaining to macs. To leave out the word PRO in the title was a click-on-me bait. This site is really just maximum PC throwing a little mac news up for clicks. I noticed that hardly anyone comments on anything this site has to say. Think its time to remove it from my bookmarks and look for a site that has mac users and mac lovers writing about macs.



Great post

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