The Week's 10 Hottest Apple News Stories, July 20



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"let's be fair, video streaming eats bandwidth"

What? Do you mean the bandwidth for which you've already paid a ridiculous premium. This is absurd. Buy bandwidth but that bandwidth can't be shared with another device through the Hotspot feature unless you pay more. The same bandwidth you've already bought also won't be able to be used for FaceTime calls because they use too much "bandwidth"? Or remember this little gem, buy bandwidth at a premium but we'll still charge you separately for SMS/MMS messages - you know, for bandwidth!

Let's be the consumer! Pay for bandwidth and be able to use it without regard to the application.

Imagine if your ISP at home wanted to charge extra for using Skype, Safari, iTunes or Netflix. All that bandwidth you already paid for is useless, in that case.

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