Would Steve Jobs Have Signed Off on the iPad mini?



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I agree with Jose, I think the price point is off. Good idea, bad number.

In addition, the mini is a perfect purse size and that IS wonderful. However, I would have thought Apple would have made a point of adding some fem flair- maybe purple embossing for a price or a pink logo or something extra to further identify this as a model that is perfect for all the women out there that can't really fit a normal iPad in their purse. Sell it is an accessory item if they want to keep it so expensive- something to add to your Apple collection- rather than something to buy instead of an iPhone or a full size iPad. Isn't this the WHOLE point of iCloud?



I doubt he would have signed off on the iPad Mini. He mocked the very idea of it when iPad 1 came out.



I think the pricing is brilliant. They gave us a smaller form factor packed with all the same features…mostly (which everyone clearly wanted) but they didn't undercut their flagship product.

If you wanted cheap crap, there's already plenty of it out there.



I also think that Apple made a mistake with the pricing. I think they should have kept the price no higher than $299. $329 would make sense if they had used a retina display but they did not so I think they are being arrogant with their pricing.

There were people who would like to have an iPad but are put off by the fact that until now the lowest price for a new model was $499. A $299 IPad Mini would have been perfect for those people. Now at $329, they are going to pause and perhaps not consider it.

It is still going to sell well but not as well as it could have if the price point was lower.

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