WWDC 2012: 8 Things to Consider Before Buying the MacBook Pro with Retina



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So having bought one and been using it now for around 4 weeks - They are fairly amazing, albeit my last MacBook was 3 years old and I had upgraded the RAM in it twice and hard drive in it's lifetime, I can't honestly compare the two.

Like with the "New" iPad you have to see it to get it, which is a challenge for people if they don't live in a city or close to Apple store. That said I haven't replaced my iPad 2 and have no intention of doing so anytime soon.

The speed of the machine and the clarity of the display is astounding, I did find it frustrating that I had to front load the RAM and that the data drive is stuck in it forever but it has been worth it. The only real advice I can add is to buy the best warranty your pocket can afford. Obviously you get the grace period first so you don't need to pay for this upfront but all the teardown sites have either snapped the screen or the connecting cables.

Honestly though I'm happy with my decision and thoroughly recommend this machine over any other MacBook in the range if you are due an upgrade.



Yea, all I really care about is the speed. Not all this new-fangled retina display!



matted screen are worthless!



This is good info - I was having a hard time deciding which one to get, but this makes it clear for me (older Macbook Pro with the anti-glare screen). Thanks, MacLife.



Annoying and sadly very Apple-like to not let users install memory themselves.

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