Gears of War Tips

Gears of War Tips

We need no invite to this party, puny humans!


Gears of War (price to be determined), the new third-person shooter from Epic Games, is coming to the Mac soon. In the game, human soldiers fight for the Earth's surface against the invading Locust army that emerges from underground. Study these tips before you get the game, and you'll be better prepared for survival.


> Play the single-player campaign first. You’ll learn basic cover tactics, terrain usage, and weapons before going online.


> Don’t stay in safe cover too long. Your enemy can outflank you, so keep moving.


> Don’t rely on the chain saw while rushing an enemy. It can be dodged or shot at and disabled temporarily. The chain saw is better used when your enemy doesn’t see it coming.


> Waste some ammo and master the timing of the Active Reload ability. That extra bit of power and ammo can make the difference in a head-to-head shoot-out.


> Master the roll and shotgun blast maneuver when you rush an enemy. You’re out of their crosshairs for a moment, then putting buckshot in their gut the next.


> Don’t run automatically to special weapons unless you can coordinate an ambush with your team. Kill with your guns, don’t die for them.




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