German iPhone Woes, Black Friday Apple Store and Firefox 3

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German iPhone Woes, Black Friday Apple Store and Firefox 3


Achtung iPhone: The iPhone's German woes only seem to be beginning. In addition to Vodafone filing an injunction against T-Mobile, German phone operator Debitel says that it had also lodged a complaint against T-Mobile. Both operators see the iPhone's exclusivity as a violation of German law.


Viva Apple Store: Apple has opened its Mexican online store. To celebrate, Robbie, Susie, Robin and Roman will eat burritos for lunch.


iPhone faces heavy competition in Europe: In the U.S., the iPhone is king of the castle. In Europe, the iPhone faces stiff competition from a larger market of smart phones.


Ready. Set. Shop: If you're not up to battling the masses on Black Friday, Apple will be holdings its annual online version of the super-sales extravaganza. Leave the battling for your scrapbook competitions.


Crazy life a Firefox: Mozilla has released the Firefox 3 beta. They recommend that only testers and developers download the Beta 1 release. You have been warned.


European .Mac speed boost: Apple has heeded the call by European .Mac users who have complained about abnormally slow image uploads.


Google+Skype=Gype?: Rumors have been circulating within the London web industry that Google is in negotiations to purchase VoIP network giant Skype.


And finally: Act real cute and you may get treats.




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Al Martin

It's curious that Apple opened the Mexican Store, in the Mexican Revolution Anniversary.

Some of the prices are 10% more expensive than the ones US Store, some of them are a little bit cheaper. (No more than 2%)



Just tried Firefox 3 beta on PPC Tiger. Looks like it leaked 1GB of RAM in 10 minutes of being idle. I guess it really is for developers and testers only at the moment.

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