Germany iPhone Ruling and Nokia and Universal are BFF's

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Germany iPhone Ruling and Nokia and Universal are BFF's


Ich bin ein iPhone: A Hamburg Court says that T-Mobile can continue to sell the iPhone with an exclusive two-year contract. T-Mobile will no longer sell unlocked iPhones, but it will unlock customers iPhones after their two-year contract has expired at no charge.


Mobile carrier, Vodafone, had brought the injunction against the exclusive sale of the iPhone by T-Mobile last month believing it violated German law.


Nokia and Universal go after iTunes: Nokia announced a deal with Universal Music to provide the labels extensive music catalog to consumers who purchase their latest music-enabled mobile devices in 2008. The offer will be called "Comes with Music." That's a sweet deal for those looking to purchase a non-iPhone mobile device. Although, we question the logic of pulling music and video from iTunes only to give it away.


Top 100 PC Innovations: Kinda sick of the iPhone showing up on all the tech lists out there? Sister site and arch nemesis, Maximum PC, posted the Top 100 PC Tech Innovations of All Time. the list gives a shout out to our favorite Korean obsession, StarCraft.


And finally: Lightwriting in London.




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Their goal is to unseat iTunes/iPod from the massive lead it has in the digital music market in order to force Apple to negotiate on its pricing structure. Universal is clearly willing to do anything to make that happen. i suspect Nokia may be paying some kind of a license fee as well. What Nokia stands to gain, is obvious.

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